Palmers Green Tales and an interview with Betty Martin

In this first video Betty talks about growing up in Palmers Green before the Second World War.

In this second video, Betty talks about the outbreak of the second world war and her family moving to Hever Castle, luckily her father had been working for Lord Astor since shortly after the first world war. ¬†As the threat of invasion became more serious, she was then evacuated, firstly staying with a family she didn’t like and then, happily to a very kind family.

This is a comment about Betty’s interview from our You Tube Channel

Thank you for making this – worth doing with people who are not THAT old like this lady, as her memories are all intact. All too often, oral history projects focus on those about to pop off who can’t really remember much.
My grandparents lived round the corner in New River Crescent, and my father (borm 1932) would often talk of the Palmadium and Queens cinemas