Interview with Tony Ourris

Tony Ourris is the founder of Anthony Webb Estate Agents and Palmers Green and Southgate Life, a lovely local history and events magazine.

Swimming in Broomfield Park

One of our contributors has said, her elderly neighbour claims her parents told her that the water for the swimming pool in Broomfield Park had to be brought in from Durnsford Pool at the last moment before the grand opening, as it had been overlooked in the planning stage. I don’t know if this made it into the official records of the event. Has anyone else heard about this?

Palmers Green Tales and reminiscences of Mike Barnard


Mike Boardman
Mike lived in and around Palmers Green for over 60 years, and after National Service in the Royal Signals with the Far East Land Forces in Singapore he became a journalist on a number of publications – including more than four years as editor of a newspaper for the metropolitan police.  He now lives in North Norfolk with his wife Lyn.

Broomfield Park was my playground and home -from-home from my earliest memories since I was born in 1935 at 28 Broomfield Lane, opposite the southernmost point of the park, as the youngest-but-one of six siblings.

In those days milk was delivered by horse and cart and the baker came round with a two wheeled covered barrow which he pulled between two shafts.  With few cars, our road was scarcely a hazard and the park was also regarded as safe, so even from an early age my younger brother Tim and I were allowed – and even encouraged – to spend a lot of our leisure time there.