People we have interviewed

Here is a list of all of the people we have interviewed with a link to their film, click on their name to access their film.

Mike Barnard    Tales of Broomfield Park as a childhood playground during WW11

Moira Stansfield and Chrissie Thomas  Tales of Hazelwood Pantomime

Tina, Vineetha, Lois, Shirin and Sue   Tales of friendship

Norman Pitts  Tales of Broomfield Park

Joan Sollis   Tales of moving to Palmers Green

Ralph Hutchings  Growing up in Palmers Green

Ralph Hutchings  Model boats and Howlin’ wolf

Jacques Wajnrych  Enjoying life in Palmers Green after a difficult WW11

Betty Martin  Growing up before WW11 in Palmers Green

Betty’s second film about life during WW11

Costas Georgiou  Moving to Palmers Green and being a businessman

Gonul Daniels talking about the action group SWEAT

David Williamson and the development of Talkies

John Crowther and the development of St Harmonicas

Diane talking about setting up Baskerville’s Tea Shop

Doris Degaute retired head teacher

Tony Ourris founder of Palmers Green and Southgate Life and Anthony Webb Estate Agents

Lyndsey Craig talks about growing up and his education in Palmers Green and Southgate.

Steve Potter Retiring Hazelwood Schools,School Caretaker

John Peace talking about the construction of the Hazelwood Park Estate

Jean Waller and Yvonne Quigley talking about Ruth Winston House,

Yvette Walczak talking about her life

Palmers Greenery Community Cafe and some of their team

Michael Harvey talking about his postcard collection

Christine Collins talking about her life working in the film and TV industry

Annahita Hessami A stained glass artist

Ellie Sales editor of Palmers Green and Southgate Life

Sally Golding tai chi teacher

Conway Pond volunteers 4 of the volunteers who have restored the pond in Conway Rec

Emma Rigby founder of Love Your Doorstep

Pete Davey runs Nordic Walking classes in Broomfield Park

Aykut Hilmi talks about Starfish Loves Coffee, bringing art, music and great coffee to Palmers Green

Emile and Anita Woolf talking about setting up Maxability and Rachmaninov’s favourite piano

Dr Martin Blanchard  the first film of 6 talking about his life as a Doctor

Becoming a consultant

The Conservatory in Broomfield Park and the many volunteers who run it.
Kim Lumley, Bee Keeping in Broomfield Park
The Orchard in Broomfield Park

Ian Puddick at Old Bakery Gin

Laura Scaramella
A film about Tom Maysh
A film about Josie Royce of Rodwins

4 films about Professor Kurt Barling

Kat Neocleous

Cheryl Powling

North London Netball League
Camilla Farrant

Adrian Day and Clair Allen

3 thoughts on “People we have interviewed

  1. Dear John and Joan,I am so enjoying the Palmers Green Tales.What a good idea. I particularly enjoyed Betty Martin’s recollections as I too went to Minchenden School and found the teachers(apart from the young ones) totally out of touch.
    Keep up the good work.! Best wishes Janet (Lane) from the Southgate Civic Trust.!


  2. Thank you so much, Janet. Joan and I have felt very welcomed in the community since we moved to Palmers Green a couple of years ago and it’s nice that we are able to contribute to this excellent project. We also enjoy being members of the Southgate Civic Trust!
    Best wishes from Joan and John.


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