Palmers Green Tales, interview with Costas Georgiou

Costas is a very well known figure in Palmers Green, having run several businesses and often chairing the Green Lane Business Association after he helped to found it in the 1990s. Costas discusses his work ethic and how important it is for him to see a thriving town centre in Palmers Green.

Palmers Green Tales and growing up in Palmers Green


Ralph talks about growing up in Palmers Green

Ralph talks about growing up in Palmers Green

Ralph went to Hazelwood School and then was amongst the first cohort to attend Winchmore School. He enjoyed making model boats and aeroplanes and went to Wood Green for his entertainment as a young man.

More tales of model building, radio frequencies and Howling Wolf

How wonderful Grouts was (contributor JBB)

Grouts was a wonderful institution and beloved by everyone in Palmers Green.  You could buy anything to do with haberdashery, from buttons to elastic to table cloths.  It also had a wonderful supply of underwear which you could try on.  People were often perplexed by the offer from the sales assistant, thinking to themselves, where on earth will I be able to try the item on without exposing myself to the rest of the shop.  However this was organised beautifully. You stood in a designated circle and a curtain would be swished around you and you were then removed from everyone else’s gaze while you tried on any new underwear.