Pop up Parklets and Play Streets in Palmers Green

We recently interviewed Adrian Day and Claire Allen.  Adrian talked about Pop up Parklets and Claire talked about Play Streets.  Devonshire Road in Palmers Green has been running a Play Street for a few years and they decided to have a Pop up Parklet running at the same time as their September Play Street.  When I visited to find out how it was going, it looked fab.

The North London Netball League

We recently visited and interviewed several of the key longstanding members of the North London Netball League who play at Broomfield Park. 2020 will be their 70th anniversary and they are a wonderful sight playing every other Saturday at Broomfield Park during the Winter and Spring. Several of the players, as you can see, started as players then became referees and committee members ensuring the next generation of netballers have somewhere to play. Our thanks to the League for allowing us to film in such windy conditions.

Broomfield House Exhibition

This film is about the Broomfield House exhibition at the Dugdale Centre in Enfield Town until January 2019.
The centrepiece of the exhibition is a restored bit of the Lanscroon Murals which were around the staircase of Broomfield House which was unfortunately, destroyed by fire in the 1980s. It was lovely to see some of the artefacts from the original museum and lovely photos of the house which was used as a children’s clinic and a museum, during the time between the second world war and the fire.
We filmed the piece whilst the museum was open which made sound recording tricky and filming through glass led to lots of reflections! However Susan Mehmet’s photos at the end of the film show the exhibits in all their glory.

Jeanne Willis

We recently interviewed well known children’s author Jeanne Willis. Jeanne talked to us about her early writing, her primary school teacher who had kept one of her books for 50 years, and when they met recently Miss Stevens was able to show Jeanne one of her earliest books. Jeanne started her working life as a copywriter but became a published author at the age of 21. She has written a large number of books and she tells us about some of her favourites, her interest in metamorphosis and some of her newer books. We edited the interview into 3 short films.

Professor Kurt Barling

We interviewed Professor Kurt Barling recently and it was wonderful to hear about him growing up in Palmers Green, his education, his interests and his career. Being a mixed race child at school during the sixties was not especially easy in Palmers Green, which at the time was not the multi cultural area it is today and Kurt talks about that.  He talks about being into sports and becoming part of the National Youth Jazz orchestra, going to university and becoming the first Black English lecturer at the LSE. Then he became a journalist and broadcaster, becoming involved with campaigns and stories, including modern slavery, Abu Hamza and Finsbury Park Mosque and the Lakanal House Fire and he is now Professor of Journalism at Middlesex University and an author.


Palmers Green Tales recently visited Rodwins, the toy and craft shop in Southgate. We had seen Josie’s picture at the wonderful exhibition entitled, ‘Made in Enfield’ which was on at the Dugdale Centre for several months. We were amazed at the number of toys which had been manufactured in Enfield, it was a truly great exhibition. Josie started Rodwins nearly 60 years ago. The shop has sold lots of different things over the years, toys, bicycles, craft supplies, fancy dress, dance shoes, still selling lots of these things except for the bikes. At one time Josie had 2 shops in Southgate. Josie was a very keen cyclist and knew Tom Maysh, the subject of our last film.

Tom Maysh

When we went to meet Ian Puddick at Old Bakery Gin in Pymmes Mews, we were intrigued to learn about Tom Maysh who had been a major figure in the cycling world. So we decided to investigate further and have created a short film about him and his shop. The shop was set up by his father, Thomas Maysh in 1922. Thomas repaired cars as well as selling bikes but when Tom took over in 1945 he concentrated on bikes, to the extent that he built his own under the brand name Tom Maysh.
Tom had married in 1940. He met his wife after she came into the shop to buy a bike and his father had suggested that he take the bike home for the customer and they got on so well that they started courting and eventually married.