85 Air Training Squadron Southgate

Here is a film from the London’s Screen Archive, http://www.londonsscreenarchives.org.uk/public/index.php


The link will take you to the archive and you then have to click on the screen which says 21.

The film celebrates the 21st anniversary of the 85 Air Training Squadron Southgate and it includes film of Ruth Winston who was at the time deputy mayor of Southgate, film of Oakwood school, Southgate Town Hall and Broomfield Park with its wonderful sporting facilities.

Palmers Green Tales, interview with Costas Georgiou

Costas is a very well known figure in Palmers Green, having run several businesses and often chairing the Green Lane Business Association after he helped to found it in the 1990s. Costas discusses his work ethic and how important it is for him to see a thriving town centre in Palmers Green.

Palmers Green Tales and a Wonderful montage of Palmers Green old and present

This is a wonderful montage created by the Southgate Photographic society, using old postcards which are merged with pictures of the  same place now.


Palmers Green Tales and an interview with Jacques

Jacques talks about moving to Palmers Green in 1966 and how he started making films of the area in the late 1960’s.  We can see a compilation of some of his early films on the site.  Jacques explains how he copied some of his  films into new formats so we can see them today. It is lovely to see Broomfield House in the film.He talks about his early life as a Jewish child during the second world war in Paris and being hidden in Gargenville.  He was also based in Germany during the time of the Belin airlift completing his  French national service and working in air traffic control.



Palmers Green Tales and an Original film of Broomfield Park, House and it’s environs from the late 1960’s

This film is a compilation of original films made by Jacques during the late 1960’s.  The film shows Broomfield Park and the House in all it’s glory,  the boating lake with it’s model boats, people bowling and playing tennis in their whites and concerts at the bandstand. It also shows the conservatory and the original playground with it’s very high slide.

lovely comment from a you tube viewer

What a wonderful piece of social history from my past. I remember the model boats so well, My mother told me when I was 3 years old I tried to wade into the pond and grab one with mum in hot pursuit. good times.

Palmers Green Tales and growing up in Palmers Green


Ralph talks about growing up in Palmers Green

Ralph talks about growing up in Palmers Green

Ralph went to Hazelwood School and then was amongst the first cohort to attend Winchmore School. He enjoyed making model boats and aeroplanes and went to Wood Green for his entertainment as a young man.

More tales of model building, radio frequencies and Howling Wolf


Swimming in Broomfield Park

One of our contributors has said, her elderly neighbour claims her parents told her that the water for the swimming pool in Broomfield Park had to be brought in from Durnsford Pool at the last moment before the grand opening, as it had been overlooked in the planning stage. I don’t know if this made it into the official records of the event. Has anyone else heard about this?

Palmers Green Tales and a wonderful friendship group

We were lucky enough to meet with and interview a group of women who have been friends since their children were very small.  All of the group took their children to the baby clinic in Broomfield House but they did not meet there. They met either through mutual friends or as they walked about Palmers Green.  They began to organise activities both for themselves and their children. Some of the group have since moved away but a core group remain and try to meet weekly.  It was wonderful to hear how such a strong friendship was forged and continues to this day.

ShirinShirin shiring Shirin with children