The Restoration of Conway Pond

We recently interviewed some of the volunteers who have restored the pond in Conway Recreation ground. The builders of the Lakes estate had originally wanted to build a through road there but had been deterred by the swampy pond.  After years of complaints the then council had taken over the area and tried to create a recreation area for local residents.  This was successful and the rec and tennis club have been enjoyed for over 100 years. Unfortunately flooding of the pond over 6 years ago caused chaos and when the council investigated they found that the drainage system had collapsed between the pond and the tennis courts.  Although they carefully rebuilt the drainage system and cleaned out the pond, the consequence of this was a barren pond, with all plant and animal life removed.  That’s when the Friends formed and the island building and planting started.  Some of the friends explain how they went about the restoration and how it’s upkeep is organised. We did not add music as it is lovely to hear the natural sound track added by the birds and ducks.

Ellie Sales

Ellie Sales is a very busy person.  Alongside her local voluntary roles, volunteering with Woodcroft Wildspace, chairing the PTA, HIPSA at Hazelwood School she also has a hardworking professional life, editing Palmers Green and Southgate Life and her work with other companies. She talks about her many roles in her interview and how she has lived and worked in Palmers Green and Southgate for most of her life.

Annahita Hessami and Cut Glass Studio

Susan Mehmet and I have made a really interesting film this month about a local stained glass artist called Annahita Hessami. Anna moved to Palmers Green when she was young and attended Hazelwood and Ashmole Schools. You will see in the film how she was influenced by the wealth of stained glass in Palmers Green and how she works in the domestic setting, fine art and municipal settings. Annahita invited us into her studio and demonstrates on film how pieces of stained glass are designed and made. We see how multi faceted the process is, it includes designing for a particular purpose, choosing appropriate materials and then making and hanging the finished piece.