Jeanne Willis

We recently interviewed well known children’s author Jeanne Willis. Jeanne talked to us about her early writing, her primary school teacher who had kept one of her books for 50 years, and when they met recently Miss Stevens was able to show Jeanne one of her earliest books. Jeanne started her working life as a copywriter but became a published author at the age of 21. She has written a large number of books and she tells us about some of her favourites, her interest in metamorphosis and some of her newer books. We edited the interview into 3 short films.

Professor Kurt Barling

We interviewed Professor Kurt Barling recently and it was wonderful to hear about him growing up in Palmers Green, his education, his interests and his career. Being a mixed race child at school during the sixties was not especially easy in Palmers Green, which at the time was not the multi cultural area it is today and Kurt talks about that.  He talks about being into sports and becoming part of the National Youth Jazz orchestra, going to university and becoming the first Black English lecturer at the LSE. Then he became a journalist and broadcaster, becoming involved with campaigns and stories, including modern slavery, Abu Hamza and Finsbury Park Mosque and the Lakanal House Fire and he is now Professor of Journalism at Middlesex University and an author.