Broomfield Park Orchard

Our latest film is about the amazing Orchard in Broomfield Park. The space was once a bowling green utilised by the Broomfield Park Bowling Club. When David March, a founding member of the Orchard, discovered the space in 2009, it had been unused for about 15 years. David wanted to make it into a wild flower meadow and orchard and he sought the help of a local campaigning group called Improving our Place, who were very keen and the then local council provided some funds and a designated officer Graham Deal who was a great support in the project.

The project was launched on Tree O’ Clock Day in 2009 and the council provided some pump priming funds and people were invited to sponsor a tree. The Orchard has blossomed into a wonderful oasis within Broomfield Park much loved by local residents and it’s resident bees.