Broomfield Park Orchard

Our latest film is about the amazing Orchard in Broomfield Park. The space was once a bowling green utilised by the Broomfield Park Bowling Club. When David March, a founding member of the Orchard, discovered the space in 2009, it had been unused for about 15 years. David wanted to make it into a wild flower meadow and orchard and he sought the help of a local campaigning group called Improving our Place, who were very keen and the then local council provided some funds and a designated officer Graham Deal who was a great support in the project.

The project was launched on Tree O’ Clock Day in 2009 and the council provided some pump priming funds and people were invited to sponsor a tree. The Orchard has blossomed into a wonderful oasis within Broomfield Park much loved by local residents and it’s resident bees.

Bee Keeping in Broomfield Park

Susan Mehmet and myself have made a film about the Apiary in the Broomfield Park Orchard. I have often visited the Orchard during it’s lovely open days and enjoyed the honey sold by the volunteers, but have been a little wary of going too near the bees. However we were very pleased to hear about how the hives are looked after and how necessary they are, indeed bees ensure our plants and crops are pollinated and consequently that we are fed. The team of volunteers, led by Kim Lumley work very hard to ensure that the hives are safe so the bees can carry on their good work. They also talk to schoolchildren about their work.