Memory from Bren Hall

Memories = my grandparents & their 2 daughters lived in 53 Norfolk Ave during WW2 & during the air raids Grandad made Gran & the girls stay in the under-stairs cupboard while he stood at the front door looking out & would not go in even tho’ gran kept on at him. (He had been in WW1). He was a butcher down the Ave & round the corner in a row of shops. Mum told me this story. My own memory is of holidays there, sitting on the stairs playing buses with my cousin, going to the BIG park at the top end of the road, if we missed one bus another one was always on the horizon & a yummy blackberry bush in the back garden!

Thanks for your post Bren, we think the big park was Broomfield Park and we hope to post some of Bren’s pictures soon.