Palmers Green is Epic

‘Pros: sweetshops, Broomfield Park, Hazelwood School, lots of annual events. Cons: too many betting shops, not enough for children to do.’
‘A couple of the main things that I remember and have performed in is: the triangle – when the lights on the Christmas tree light up while we’re singing with the Hazelwood Choir. Folk dance in the Palmers Green festival.’
‘I love going to the community fairs where everyone gets together.’
‘Every year I do the Palmers Green Easter egg, one year I won and my sister came 2nd, I got an ipod! My sister got a chocolate egg, which I stole some of…’
‘A kind of tradition: going to the Hazelwood Rec at the end of the school year. Everyone’s there.’
‘I like the community and the fact that they celebrate the different seasons including Easter and the Easter Egg hunt.’
‘The atmosphere in Palmers Green is really nice; there aren’t many smokers and not a lot of fights.’
‘One of my favourite things about Palmers Green is Broomfield Park because they have a fun fair every year and you always see people you know and it makes it feel homey and safe.’
‘I love going to the Christmas lights at the triangle, and I am glad they have a real tree this year.’
‘Another thing I like to do in Palmers Green is snowball fights! When it snows my road is deserted and my friends have snowball fights and make snowmen.’
‘In summer there are lovely fun-fairs that are so much fun.’
‘Seeing as the rec. is just down my road, me and my dad go down there on our bikes.’
‘I believe that Palmers Green has a range of cultures all living in harmony.’
‘I live near the church, and I like looking out the window and watching weddings; once from my window my family and I saw the Olympic torch go past.’

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