Palmers Green is Epic

On our second meeting the children got the chance to contribute and offer their own views on Palmers Green and after a discussion they all wrote down their thoughts.
The majority of the children had been born and had grown up in Palmers Green but very few had parents who were themselves locals born and bred. Importantly, all the children felt that Palmers Green was home and many said that it felt safe compared with other areas they knew.
Their own school got a resounding thumbs-up and Broomfield Park was the most mentioned place, both a regular play destination and for the various community events held there.
I was somewhat surprised by the strong sense of the changing seasons that most of the children had. From the Easter Egg Hunt on the high street, through summer events in the Park to the Christmas lights and the tree at the Triangle there was an appreciation of Palmers Green as it changed throughout the year.
The only real (and recurrent) complaint was about the number of betting shops and nail salons – a local toy shop and bookshop are both very much desired instead!
Thanks to Hazelwood School and especially Stella McGovern, Deputy Head, for setting up the discussion groups. Thanks also to the children of 6O, 6R and 6M who took part and responded so enthusiastically.

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