The tragedy at the Princes Dance Hall (Betty Wright nee Walton)

One of my brothers returning from work was on a trolley bus, and he got off the bus one stop before his usual stop: the Town Hall.  This action saved his life because immediately after he left the trolley bus, it was blown up.  He never knew what made him get off before his usual stop. My brother arrived home covered in a white dust, and suffering from shock said “Pass me a clothes brush….I am in a mess”.

The Fire Brigade were there in seconds, and my Dad was one of the first on the scene.  He came back with some horrific stories.  He got on a double decker bus and it was as though everyone was standing or sitting exactly as they were before the bombs fell.  People were still standing reading their newspapers, or sitting down….waiting for their bus stop.  However, everyone was dead….killed by the blast.

Another brother was home on leave from the Royal Marines, he went down to see what was happening and came back later….filthy dirty and very tired…after helping as many of the injured he could. He said he would never forget the terrible scenes he had seen.   There so many people who had lost their limbs.

A girl I was at school with (she would have been three years older than me) was in the Dance Hall and she lost a leg. I experienced many air raids in Palmers Green, but this was the worst.”

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