The Running Track by JBB

Shortly after  Broomfield Park was purchased by Southgate Urban Council in 1903 several sports facilities were set up within the park.  There was a tennis court, a swimming lake, soccer pitches and a wonderful running track.  The running track and football pitches were ideally situated on the old gravel pit. In 1854, Mr Philip Powys, the then owner of Broomfield Estate had been granted permission to excavate the gravel and when Southgate Council took over the running of the park they grassed over the gravel pit and developed it as a sports area. In 1922, the Southgate and Frien Barnet Athletics Association, re started an annual sports day in the park and advertised it as being similar to those ” held before 1914″.  The borough also decided to employ men from the unemployment register to build the concrete steps down to the field.

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